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Job Details

Location of Job: Aumsville, OR
When: Oct 23, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Siding and trim replaced, primed and painted
Brief Explanation

This was an Exterior Painting Job. This customer needed the siding replaced due to the age of the house. This also includes the trim around the windows. The house needed to be primed and painted and the trim to be painted.

We replaced the siding with Hardie siding. Primed all raw wood caulked all trim and joints between boards. Pressure washed entire house, painted house and trim per customer's colors with Sherwin Williams paint.

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Salem, OR
Client Testimonial


We Want Satisfied Customers

Customer was very happy with the job we did. As you can tell this was a extremely big house that took quite a lot of paint the customer was happy to do this in sections to avoid the rain. We were told that there would be some inside work for us this winter.

This is a customer that we worked with over the summer. He was also helpful with picking the colors that worked well on this house. Also lending a hand when we needed it. The scaffolding used on this house that was over 50 feet tall was set up and moved when needed to be by the customer. This helped in the job to be safer to work on.

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