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Job Details

Location of Job: Salem, OR
When: Aug 25, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Painting prep,caulking,pressure washing.,priming exposed wood repairs to exterior of chimney, deck washing,trim work,replaced pony wall in front of house.replaced man door on garage.
Brief Explanation This was a big job. The amount of things that this customer needed done was overwhelming for him. He wasn't sure if we would be able to do all of it because we are a painting company. However, we were able to get it all done, including the repairs. We rebuilt a pony wall that was dry rotting replacement of boards siding and caulking. Painting under deck to match the house. Pressure washed entire house including deck, repairs to soffit from bird damage replace door on garage due to water damage. Painted and trimmed entire house.
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Salem, OR
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Exterior Painting

We do a lot of exterior painting. Pretty much anything you need painted we have your back. Whether it comes to your siding, deck, door, sheds, or more.

We even offer the service of testing for lead based paint. Used quite a bit in the past, we have learned that it is not a safe route. If your unsure give us a call and see if you have some old lead based paint.

Happy customers bring referalls

This is a customer that was very happy with the paint job and repairs done. I still get referrals from him for other customers.

Reaction was great we provided services other than painting worked with customers on picking trim color which was a few different ones. Check out a review from another happy customer.