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Job Details

Location of Job: Portland, OR
When: Sep 25, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Removed Decking
Brief Explanation Here at Kelly & Sons Painting of Salem, Oregon we find ourselves doing other jobs that kind of relate to painting. For example this was a decking job we did. While Painting is a huge part of what of we do. We also have a lot of skills that anyone needing a contractor can use. For one of our awesome customers, he needed a contractor to remove some decking for him. We were able to come out for him on short notice and get that decking removed. He was very happy with the contractor services we provided. He needed that decking removed so that he could get access to a sump pump underneath.

Job Details

Location of Job: Salem, Oregon
When: Oct 5, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Siding Repair, Siding Painting, Pressure Washing, Rotated Wood Replacement, Led Paint Testing, Paint Removal, Garage Exterior Painting
Brief Explanation

When the job was finished we ended up doing a lot more than just painting. This customer needed the exterior of the house to look amazing. The siding on the house had a good amount of problems including the paint problems.

We started this job off with a basic pressure washing service to remove all the debris, dirt, and flaking paint. After the house was clean we had to go back and scrape off paint that would cause the new paint to chip early. We also caulked all the cracks and holes to prepare for the new paint to go on the wood siding.

The customer also requested that we replace some of the siding and we built new wood stairs leading into the home.

We were also hired to paint the detached garage. This was a job that we put a lot of effort and work into. The customer was very pleased and satisfied with the final results and final price.

Job turned out great. We pressure washed the house, there was a lot of loose paint that needed to be scraped off. We also caulked all cracks and holes. We installed new boards where was needed per customers request.

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It’s pretty difficult to get out and wash bricks, masonry, siding, stucco and other surfaces with a wash rag and soap. But you still need to get it clean.

Trust Kelly & Sons to get your concrete, wood, masonry or other surface looking its best. We pressure wash both residential and commercial properties.

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Painting your home requires a sense of ownership in the quality of the project. You get that with Kelly & Sons.

We’ve also been painting for 30 years and have the expertise to take care of your house as if it was our own. We have the eye for quality and the determination to get the project painted right the first time.

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