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Job Details

Location of Job: Salem, OR
When: Jan 18, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interior wall painting
Brief Explanation

This customer was very excited about getting her living room Painted. This is a recent addition that was built with added skylights.

Color choice was important here as she wanted this new addition to be just perfect. Also with the natural light coming in from the skylights, the homeowner wanted to make sure it looked just as good as with artificial light.

After browsing through our wide variety of color samples she picked color that would blend in the trim work, flooring and of course the new furniture that was going in the room.

As with all our jobs prep work is vital. We had to make sure that anything we did not want painted was masked off properly and with very precise lines. On some jobs we spend just as much time masking as we do painting. This was no exception.

With all the prep work done we were able to start spraying. After several coats and the proper cure time we were very happy with the final outcome.

Our favorite part of each job however, is not when we finish, but it is when we get to watch the reaction on our customers faces when they see the completed job for the first time.

We removed all the masking and put the room back the way she wanted it before we invited her back in. She was in love with her room. She could not stop saying how much she loved her living room.

We were so happy to have been apart of this project.

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We Use The Best Quality Paint

When we do any work for our customers we want to make sure that they get the best quality of work and the best quality of products. We use only the best and provide that to all of our customers.

Sherwin Williams paint is something we use quite a bit. It has been proven to last longer and look better. We make sure that our customers are good with the colors whether they want one color or two tone color.

One thing we always make sure that we do is to be very clear on the colors. There is so many choices when it comes to paint colors. With the different preferences and styles that people have we want to make sure they are happy with the color that ends up on their walls.

Check out a how gorgeous one home that we did some exterior painting on in Dallas.

About Our Customer Service

We make sure that we are available to our customers. One thing I’ve heard from customers before is that they had called around to painting companies before finding me and were very happy that they didn’t have to wait around forever to have someone come out.

I really try to make myself as available as possible so that people can get their projects done in a timely manner and a schedule that is workable for them. People have busy lives and have to be able to work things around everything else that is going on in the world.

I care about my customers. My business is about making people happy and that is what I enjoy. To be able to transformed someones home to everything they ever imagined it could be or more is a huge reward itself. I also enjoy the relationships that I have made through my customers. To be able to make friends and have them send more customers my way because they appreciate the work and the customer service makes it all worth it.