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Lead Paint Testing Salem Oregon

Job Details

Location of Job: Salem, Oregon
When: Oct 5, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Lead Paint Testing, Lead Paint Removal
Brief Explanation

We do a lot of painting and often times the painting happens on a home or business that has really old paint. As many know lead paint was common years and years ago. We no longer use lead paint because of the obvious dangers.

With this job we needed to test the paint to make sure it wasn't lead based. We offer this service to customers all throughout Salem, Oregon and will be happy to offer it to you.

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Lead Base Paint Removal

Lead based paint is no longer used but many home still have lead based paint on their walls and exterior surfaces of the home. To prevent lead poisoning it is crucial that you get the lead paint removed from your home.

We offer this service and will be happy to come out and provide lead base testing and if your paint comes back positive we can remove it and repaint your home.