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Job Details

Location of Job: Dallas, OR
When: Nov 25, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: House Painting & Trim Painting, Interior Painting
Brief Explanation

The customer wanted to do a total color change, white house with black trim. Loved the idea, but this was not easy as the house was blue. So to get the white to be strong enough we had to prime the house with two coats, then two final finish coats.

We first pressure washed the entire house to make sure the surface was clean and ready for the paint. We then caulked all cracks and around all windows to seal it off and make sure that everything would last as long as possible. As you can tell from the pictures, the black and white came out great and the customer was very happy!

** Here is another job we did in Salem, Oregon where we repaired and painted a deck. We share a bunch of our jobs here on our website.

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Salem, OR
Client Testimonial


Creating Relationships

There was a great relationship built with Keith we had to work around the weather which wasn’t easy. He was extremely happy with the paint job, if things go good with him getting a new furnace, which we referred him to Santiam heating and cooling a company we have done business with before we will be able to repaint his kitchen cabinets for him. He was also nice enough to give me two really nice gaming chairs for my daughter’s birthday which is next month.

He was happy with the job we did. He said he would give his sister our card because she is also needing her house painted. Several of the neighbors came over during this job to say how much they liked the job we were doing.