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Job Details

Location of Job: Salem, OR
When: Jan 18, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Drywall Repair, Ceiling Repair, Paint
Brief Explanation

One of the more popular home upgrades is upgrading the lighting to recessed Can lights, and LED lights are very popular due to their high efficiency. When replacing the lighting there are sometimes when you don't want to put a light in the same location as the previous light. This obviously leaves a hole in the ceiling.

This is nothing to worry about. We are experts at repairing drywall and making it match the rest of the wall or ceiling.

One issue that our customers are concerned about is if we can match their existing paint. They don't want a spot of bright paint where the drywall patch is, making the repair noticeable. Rest assured. We are very good at matching paint so that you will never be able to tell where the drywall repair was.

Our customer was very happy with the end result. She now had a newer look in her kitchen with no signs of the old ugly florescent light.

Another reason this customer was so happy with our work is because of how clean we kept her house. We sheeted off the area we were working in so we did not get drywall dust or paint overspray on any unwanted surface. Sometimes it is the little things that makes the biggest differences.

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Client Testimonial


Garage Wall Repair work

For this customer we did paint her garage walls but we also did a good amount of repair work for her. As a painting company that is what most of our customers come looking for. However, I feel that it is important that we are professionals and experts in other types of work that may need to be done before the painting can start.

For instance, when the walls that were damaged needed some drywall and then the texturing to match and blend in with the rest of the home. We know how to do those repairs that you possibly will need done before you can paint. One thing that I regularly need to do for external paint work is caulk and seal so that no damage occurs and the paint will last longer

I even had a customer tell me one time that he was surprised at the level of detail that went into the work that I did for him. He said he was a handy guy but hadn’t thought about some of the steps that I was doing and that he appreciated the level of quality that I was providing. Read more about that decking repair review here.