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Job Details

Location of Job: Salem, OR
When: Nov 27, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: repair, seal and paint deck
Brief Explanation

Customer has a huge deck that some of the boards needed to be replaced and sealed. He also wanted us to put on some non-slick additive.

We were able to work with a flexible schedule with this customer due to the weather. We were able to fix his deck and paint it in between spurts of rain. As painters, we needed to move quickly to ensure that everything was completed before the cooler weather kicked in.

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Salem, OR
Client Testimonial


When You Just Haven’t Gotten the Job Done on Your Own

We love work hard to be the best painters in Salem and we know we did this job right because the customer was extremely happy with the job we did for him. His wife was also happy since she has been waiting 2 years for the deck to be finished. We are also going to be doing some more work in the future from them.

Sometimes we all have the best intentions to get stuff done but it never does and we just need someone to help us get there. The customer helped with placing plastic on the deck at night to help keep moisture off the deck for the next day. Steve also helped me with the rolling of the deck and some painting that needed to be done. This was helpful in getting the job done before it rained.

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