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Find Out Why People Love Dreamworks

Why Do You Want A New Paint Job?

  • I Want A New Look
  • To Protect The Wood, Siding & Trim
  • My Old Paint Is Faded
  • The Paint is Cracking
  • I Don't Like The Color
  • I Have Rotten Wood That Needs Replaced & Painted

Old Paint Can Allow Water To Penetrate & Damage

The Siding, Trim And Even The Structure Of Your Home

We Can Paint & Protect Your Home Or Business

How Quickly Can I Get Help?

We are staffed to answer our phones and return you call promptly.

We will listen to your needs and help you to achieve your desired result.


Who Will You Be Speaking With?

When you call you will speak directly with Kelly.

She handles all of our customer's concerns and needs.

She will connect you with one of our Experts.

What Makes Us The Experts?

We are committed to giving every customer the highest Quality, Craftmanship, and On-Time Performance.

Our attention to detail and the use of top grade materials sets us apart from the rest of the competition.


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Dreamworks?

1. We Use Top Grade Materials

2. We Make Your Satisfaction Our Highest Priority

3. We Have Very Competitive Prices

4. We Are Easy To Reach

5. We Communicate Clearly

6. We Finish Projects On Time (weather permitting)

Want To See Some Of Our Work?

We Have Plenty To Show You

Choosing the right Painter can be a difficult decision.

When you hire a painter you don't know what type of quality work they do, or even if they have good business ethics.

We understand this and want to make the decision as easy as possible AND put your mind at ease that you have found a company that is as good as we say we are.

To do this we spend a lot of time adding before and after pictures of our recent jobs and giving a detailed description of the work that was done.

Here Are 3 Of Our Most Recent Jobs

Living Room Painting in Salem, OR

Brief Explanation:

After building an addition to her living room, this customer reached out to us to help her put the perfect color on her walls. This was a very fun project to work on and even more fun to see the look on her face when she saw the finished look. The pictures don’t do it justice but the color of the walls are truly beautiful with the natural light reflecting off it from the sky lights.

Drywall Repair Services in Salem, OR

Brief Explanation:

After upgrading their kitchen lights, we came behind to repair the drywall. This homeowner was so excited to replace their big florescent light with recessed LED Can lights. A simple patch and paint to cover the hole from the old light and match the existing ceiling paint gave this kitchen the look the homeowner was going for.

Pressure Washing in Dallas, OR

Brief Explanation:

Do you think your home needs a new paint job? Don’t paint yet, it may just need a good cleaning.

This customer had us come look at their home because the exterior paint just didn’t shine like it used to. They had tried pressure washing but it didn’t help so they wanted us to quote a new paint job. Upon inspection we felt like we could get it clean and restore the paint without having to repaint.

Skeptical at first they allowed us to pressure wash their home. They were SHOCKED at the results.

Like What You Saw? You Can See More Of Our Work By Browsing Our Website

Please Let Us Know What Else You Need To Use Our Services

Nobody Says It Better Than Our Customers

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Dreamworks Painting

Salem, OR 97309

Choosing The Right Painter

Can Save You Time And Money

How Much Will This Cost Me?

We are very aware of the pricing standards for our industry. We know that you work hard for your money and are honored that you are considering hiring us.

We are very competitively priced and will work with you and your budget to achieve your desired outcome.

However, there are different qualities of paint and caulk. The lower quality paint and caulk won't last as long or protect as well. This may give you a lower upfront cost but will wear out sometimes twice as fast as the quality products.

Our estimators will go over this with you and you can ask them any questions you may have on the different products or quality of products.

Call us today to get the best estimate on your paint job.

Our Schedule Fills Up Fast

Waiting To Call Could Leave You With Another Unknown Painter

Why Is Dreamworks the Logical Choice?

Why is it logical to hire us for your painting needs?

When hiring a painter there are some key qualities that you want that painter to have and will give you the desired results you are seeking.

You want the painter you hire to have experience. An experienced painter has the technique and tricks to getting your paint job to stand out and look professional. Their transitions and edges are seamless and will give you that showroom look.


-The Painter needs to have fair pricing. Most of us know that you pay for what you get. We typically aren't looking for the cheapest paint job, but we do want the best value. We don't want to pay too much however, we want a quality job at a fair price.

-They need to be punctual. Showing up on time and getting the job done in a timely manner is key.

-They need to be ethical. We at dreamworks do what we say we are going to do and do it to the best of our ability.

We work hard to make sure we are the logical choice for your Painting needs.

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We Are Read To Help With Your Painting Needs

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Dreamworks Painting

Salem, OR 97309


Did you know that using a lower quality paint does not apply as well, so you have you to use more paint to cover the same surface area.


1. What services do we offer?


Although we specialize in painting, like we mentioned above, we do more than just paint. Here is a list of the services that we offer:
Residential Painting
Commercial Painting
Interior Painting
Exterior Painting
Pressure Washing
Drywall Repair
Wallpaper Removal
Ceiling Texturing
Cabinet Painting
Deck Sealing & Painting
Siding Repair
Fascia Painting
Tile Work


Picking the right painter isn’t always an easy choice. We understand that and that is why work so hard to share real testimonials on our website and on 3rd party websites. We also share before and after pictures of jobs we have done and are working on.

To Top It Off…

We guarantee all our painting jobs for the life of the paint. Not just a verbal guarantee but we offer a written guarantee per customer request.

Here at Dreamworks Painting our policy is that The Customer is Right!

Our #1 goal to be a successful local business is to always leave the customer 100% satisfied. This policy has led to and continues to lead to wonderful relationships with our customers.

2. Where do we offer our painting services?


Albany, OR
Benton County
Corvallis, OR
Dallas, OR
Four Corners, OR
Hayesville, OR
Keizer, OR
Linn County
Macleay, OR
Marion County
McMinnville, OR
Mt Angel, OR
Polk County
Salem, OR
Silverton, OR
Stayton, OR
West Salem, OR
Woodburn, OR
Yamhill County

3. Can You Color Match Paint?


Yes. Are paint supplier is very good at color matching. We will need to take a sample of the paint we are matching with us to the paint store so they can match it exactly.

4. How Long Have You Been In Business?


20 Years.

5. Do I Need To Get My Own Color Samples?


No, we will bring color samples with us when we come to do the estimate for you to pick through. However if you have one that you want to use the please share it with us so we can get you your desired color.

6. Do You Re-Caulk The Windows And Trim When You Repaint?


Yes. It is important to seal up your house with a good coat of paint and caulk to eliminate water or moisture from getting under and rotting the wood. Once water gets under the paint, if left too long it can rot the siding, sheeting and even the framing. This can get very costly if not prevented or caught soon enough.